Data Analyst - Digital Media

Data Analyst – Digital Media

Location: Century City, Cape Town
Salary: Negotiable

About the Role:
Opportunity available for a Data Analyst at a client who specialises in programmatic buying, social media, paid search and premium digital advertising solutions. The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about data and analytics in digital media. Someone who has experience in collecting and analysing information from Demand Side Platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Google Analytics, and translating this into useful and meaningful data, from where useful insights can be derived to make strategic brand decisions.

Minimum two years’ experience in digital media.
Advanced Excel skills is an absolute necessity, with a strong focus on correlating data sets.
Certified in Web Analytics packages such as Google Analytics, etc.
Dashboard building using tools like Data Studio, Datorama, Tableau, etc.
Looking at campaign data to build and develop insights and analysis.
Data aggregation using tools of your choice.
Excellent report writing, analytical and project management skills with acute attention to detail.
Able to build data-driven case studies.
Highly motivated and able to work independently and as part of a team.
Able to work to deadlines and prioritise and manage time across multiple clients in a fast-paced working environment.
SQL knowledge is advantageous.
Provide strategic data recommendations for website and channel optimisations.
Reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and campaign benchmarks.
Strategic thinker with creative problem-solving abilities.
Excellent multitasking abilities.
Attention to numerical detail, highly analytical and statistically driven.
Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, numerical).
Organised, detail oriented and highly focused
Passionate about digital media (both buy side and sell side)

Website and campaign analytics deployment (Global Site Tags or via Tag Manager).
Develop, maintain and improve campaign/account data visualisations using Data Studio.
Structure data for story-telling using words and images (infographics).
Be able to look at massive amounts of data and identify key, actionable insights for campaign management and account management teams.
Have a deep understanding of web analytics for strategic brand decision making.
Be able to analyse any campaign type on (Facebook, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, LinkedIn, Twitter and on Demand Side Platforms).
Setup Data Collection parameters (1st party data), to generate useful audience segments.
Assist campaign and account managers with daily brand/campaign optimisations.
Produce monthly reports either for billing or internal use.
Spearhead data-driven objectives within the company to further cement our position as a data-driven business.
Assist with onboarding clients.
Develop post-campaign insights and analysis to help identify brand goals and objectives.