Technical Business Analyst


Technical Business Analyst / Product Consultant

Location: Claremont, Cape Town
Salary: Market Related

About the Role:
Opportunity available for a Technical Business Analyst at an international Saas based Fintech Company. You will be involved with analyzing and specifying new projects, as well as improving and upgrading existing solutions for the customer. The Product Consultant will draw on a variety of problem solving abilities and technical skills, working closely with the customer as well as the internal development team to elicit requirement, gather & analyze data and design a solution to meet the business need presented by the customer.

5+ years’ experience as a Technical Business Analyst / Product Consultant
A strong understanding of data structures.
Experienced in Microsoft Office or GoogleDocs
Familiarity with a requirements management system such as JIRA
A strong ability to perform requirements analysis and documentation
The ability to design a website solution using wire-framing tools, showcasing an understanding of web elements, components and modules.
An understanding of the software development life cycle and the comparative pros and cons of traditional (“Waterfall”) and Agile techniques.
A proven capacity to configure technical solutions (data visualization, data structuring, etc.).
Experience in web design using Photoshop, Sketch (+ Craft) and InVision.
A background in asset management or detailed knowledge of the industry.
An understanding of development tools and technologies such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Python and JavaScript (specifically NodeJS and React).
An understanding of cloud service providers and technologies as well as future trends in this space.
Experience in working with database technologies such as SQL Server or MySQL as well as RESTful APIs (XML/JSON).
The ability to confidently push back on out-of-scope, unreasonable or irrelevant requirements and communicating / justifying your reasoning.

Establish and develop a healthy, constructive working relationship with our customers.
Apply yourself actively across multiple projects that are in various phases of delivery, working with a team and customers that span multiple time zones (from the Americas through EMEA).
Analyze customer data (in various formats such as CSV, XLSX, XML, JSON etc.) for validity, accuracy and completeness; Perform a gap analysis on the data to identify shortcomings or potential risks.
Gather, critically analyze and document the customer’s business and user requirements through running workshops and meetings with the customer and internal stakeholders. Identify the core business problem to be solved and/or value to be added by using Product Consulting analysis tools, techniques and best practices.
Applying your knowledge of the platform and products, design a solution that fits the customer’s business & user requirements with a minimum of product change required (config only solutions).
Attend ceremonies (stand-ups, grooming, retrospectives) to help manage and groom the delivery backlog.
On certain deliveries, own the documentation space, ensuring it is up-to-date, organized neatly in accordance with standards and contains all relevant information.
Design user interfaces (website wireframes and components) using industry standard tools and technologies.
Execute configuration solutions to a high output standard based on business requirements gathered and estimated. Meet your commitments for the timing of deliveries.
Continuously improve and add value to the Consulting team and function through open and honest communication, hosting training sessions on pre-determined topics, staying current with business analysis industry trends and technology and feeding this back into the team.